Meeting Dates

Meetings are held every 4th Tuesday at 7.00pm or 7.30pm (Daylight Savings Time). These alternate between the Tullamore Hotel and the Tullamore Bowling Club. The AGM is held on the fourth Tuesday in October.

19th January 20217.30pmTullamore Hotel
23rd February 20217.30pmTullamore Bowling Club
23rd March 20217.30pmTullamore Hotel
27th April 20217.00pmTullamore Bowling Club
25th May 20217.00pmTullamore Hotel
22nd June 20217.00pmTullamore Bowling Club
27th July 20217.00pmTullamore Hotel
24th August 20217.00pmTullamore Bowling Club
21st September 20217.00pmTullamore Hotel
26th October 20217.30pmTullamore Bowling Club