Tullamore PA&H Association Inc has been fortunate to receive several grants that have further developed the capacity and aesthetics of the Showgrounds, improving safety and providing a welcoming space for a range of community functions. These grants and their impacts are outlined below:

Showground Stimulus Funding (2021): Recently received, this grant allows for the installation of solar panels to improve sustainability and provides funds to upgrade equipment for the sheep dog working trials.

Regional Agricultural Show Development Grant (RASDG – 2020/21): This grant has been pivotal in providing a range of upgrades across the showgrounds. Covering for the horse stables, BBQ upgrades, cementing of the poultry shed, extension of the pony club shed, storage upgrades and revamping of the kitchen facilities have been undertaken.

Stronger Communities Program (2020): This grant allowed for the initial upgrades to the kitchen pavilion, allowing the roof to be lined to reduce the echo and improve the aesthetics of the space.

Tackling Tough Times Together (2019/2020): This funding allowed for the installation of a new BBQ area near our camp ground portion of the showgrounds and associated electrical works. Additionally the kitchen pavilion had upgrades to the windows and the turf area near for the cattle lawn was upgraded.

Inland Rail Community Sponsorships and Donation Program (2019): Funding through this avenue has allowed for the purchase of new seating for the kitchen pavilion.

Our sincerest thanks are extended to the organisations for delivering these grant opportunities and to the teams involved in the application and execution of these.